A cougar attacks a jogger in the suburbs of a western city. Charlie Sayers, facing retirement as a wildlife biologist at a downsized state agency, is drawn into the search for the lion. He gets caught up in the conflict between wildlife habitat and an increasingly developed urban environment as, teetering between crisis and farce, he tries to piece together the puzzle of his own life. 

© 2010 Andrew Wingfield


Hear Him Roar introduces a gifted and terribly smart new writer from the West. If Andrew Wingfield keeps making novels this good we've got a worthy successor to Wallace Stegner and a good nephew of Edward Abbey, Joan Didion, and James Houston.

Alan Cheuse, Book Commentator, National Public Radio/ Author of To Catch the Lightning


I much admire what Andrew Wingfield has achieved in this fine first novel, the engaging voice, the mature vision. Charlie Sayers seems to have no answer to the riddle of his life--until the mystery of wild creatures touches him profoundly and guides him toward a new beginning. This is a story told with both art and wisdom.

James D. Houston, Author of Snow Mountain Passage


The roar you hear in Andrew Wingfield's first novel is not the cougar on the front cover. The roar comes from the aging curmudgeon Charlie Sayers giving birth to his soul.

Judyth A. Willis, Terrain


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